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Why Primal Ways?

September 8, 2014

What’s in a name? Why use the name, “Primal Ways”?

The “Ways” portion is easy to define.  “Primal” is more difficult. As used here, “Ways” refers to methods employed to achieve personal goals; pursue ambitions. As a whole, we can view “Ways” as our lifestyles; our styles of living.

Now, what do we mean by “Primal”?  The word means “first”, “original” or “foremost”.  I doubt we can really identify many of the first, original or foremost methods that our ancestors employed to achieve their goals and to pursue their ambitions. As used here, Primal has a broader context. Primal will simply mean the methods employed in prior times (before this current generation) to achieve myriad goals and ambitions.

summer-spring-flow1.jpgGoals and ambitions, pursued through lifestyles or ways, are primarily personal matters. But, many Primal Ways are shared commonly by segments of the population. It may be impossible to identify all of those shared ways, but the mission of this Primal Ways site is to exchange information, opinions and ideas about as many Primal Ways as we can identify.

Currently, there are numerous lifestyles being promoted as “Primal”. Diet is a huge one, being presented as a variant of the Paleo diet. Some other “Primal” lifestyles, promoted as such, include fitness, therapy, parenting, healing and spirituality.  All are valid Primal Ways, but there are many more that are not specifically presented or promoted as “Primal”.

How about homesteading, both rural and urban?  Homesteading is a huge example of Primal Ways.

How about gardening and agriculture, in general? Home gardens and a growing number of small farms are shifting to Primal Ways.

How about hunting, fishing and foraging? Can any lifestyles claim the name more than these Primal Ways?

How about the arts? Primitive and tribal music and painting are just two of many artistic expressions of Primal Ways.

How about commitments to the environment and to conservation? How about dedication to helping others? How about communication and transportation? How about education? Do these have Primal Ways we should consider?

Which Primal Ways yield greater benefits than do modern ways?  Which do not?